“Hats off to Ruth McLain, Frank Godbey, Russ Farmer, and Charlie Hall for this sentimental journey through a notebook of chestnuts and a couple of new songs. The entire album is infused with a McLain-family drive, enhanced by shared fiddle work from Raymond McLain and Jesse Wells, yet the package maintains its own signature with each musician complementing each other’s work. Smooth execution, delightful vocals, and classic arrangements provide warm, intimate renderings first to final cut. Bravo, Southland Drive! Recommended and wish I were a lot closer to hear you up close and personal. All the best,”
Stephanie P. Ledgin

“…it’s a GOOD UN’! People need to get hold of this CD from Southland Drive…”
Tom Adler

“If you like bluegrass music, and you should, click over to Southland Drive’s FB page and order their new CD. My copy came yesterday and includes 16, that’s right friends, 16 hard driving bluegrass songs including Russ Farmer’s “Poplarville.” Southland Drive is not one of those fancy newgrass bands from the hills of California but is all Kentucky. Unplugged bluegrass played by Kentuckians, and for all I know on all Kentucky instruments! A great album.”
Dexter Alexander